May 11, 2016

Digital Media is the Message

Google, Windows 98, the iMac, the International Space Station and MP3 players.
1998 was a big year for technology.

It was also the year that we heard "Digital Media is the Message." AutoQuotes CEO Kent Motes made that comment in response to the personalization and globalization of business tools before the turn of the millennium. In those days, we were still learning how to use the internet, paying for personal email, and pulling antennas out of our cellphones.

A lot has changed between then and now, but Kent's vision has weathered 18 years of technological advance and its truth has solidified. In today's high-speed, high-tech world, fighting innovation is the same as inviting defeat.

This year, AutoQuotes is focusing on creating new features to help our customers innovate, improve and impress. Digital media is going to be on the vanguard of that drive, allowing the Foodservice Industry to preview products like never before.

Last year we launched a new zoom feature for product images. After a positive response from our customers, we are expanding and redesigning the tool.

What this means for AutoQuotes Users: The high quality pictures in the Catalog will be attractive enough that you can use AutoQuotes Media as a stand-alone sales tool for your clients.

What this means for Manufacturers in AutoQuotes: High quality media will set you apart from your competition and show your products with full, high-definition zoom ability.

The reality is that in 2016, low resolution images no longer make the cut. AutoQuotes has an experienced Media Department, including design specialists and a product photographer, who all agree that it's time to upgrade the media.

As consumers, we look at pictures and videos on the Internet every day. As a result, we tend to equate high quality product photos with a higher quality.

Manufacturers, don't you want those pictures to be yours?

Dealers and Reps, don't you want the pictures of the products you're selling to be bigger than a thumbnail?

Let AutoQuotes help you get your message out there with the best images possible.

We will periodically be supplying tips from our media team and in-house product photographer on how to best optimize your digital presence. Below is a link to information on taking product photography images and to our high quality image specifications.

Our Media Department is standing by daily to answer questions and provide expert advice across all aspects of media. You can contact me, Matthew Currie, directly at (904) 493-4626, email or call our main line and ask for Media, (866) 452-8324.

AutoQuotes' High Quality Image Guide

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