January 7, 2021

Custom Payment Terms FAQs: Getting Started with AQ Pay’s New Feature

Earlier this year we partnered with Currency to launch AQ Pay, an integrated solution that helps you digitize the payment process by offering payment options right from an AQ quote. Now, you can further simplify the sales process and streamline customer communication with custom payment terms functionality.  This new feature allows you to set a payment schedule based on when project milestones are completed by your customer. Now, customers that have implemented AQ Pay can better organize billing processes by project, taking a load off your business operations and most importantly helping you get paid faster, and on time.

In this blog post, we address some frequently asked questions to help clarify the troubleshooting aspects of the Payment Terms feature.

How do I get access to Payment Terms?

Payment Terms support is available via AQ Pay. As a user of AQ Pay, you can add Payment Terms to your quote before you send it for signature. If you are not an AQ Pay customer, you can sign up in your Admin Settings > Company Settings > Payments & Financing. You will need to be an AQ Admin for your organization to be able to sign up. For more information about AQ Pay click here.

How does Payment Terms support benefit me and my organization?

Payment Terms support helps you get paid faster. Using AQ Pay with Payment Terms, you can offer clear billing terms to your customers and collect progress payments as you meet milestones in a project. You define the project milestones and control when to request payment for a Payment Term. Your customers get an easy way to view the overall status of the project and which Payment Terms are outstanding.

Does it cost me anything to use Payment Terms?

There is no additional recurring cost to use Payment Terms or sign up for AQ Pay. Your organization will simply need to be processed and on-boarded through CurrencyPay.

How do I provide feedback about Payment Terms?

We love feedback! Please send your comments and suggestions to customersuccess@AQ-FES.com.

I am already utilizing AQ Pay. How do I implement Payment Terms?

Great! Just get in touch with us, or have your company's AQ Administrator, contact us at sales@AQ-FES.com to opt-in and enable Payment Terms for your organization.

If you have questions, or are ready to get started with AQ Pay and Payment Terms, email the AQ sales team at sales@AQ-FES.com

Visit our Video Resources center to watch the Payment Terms introductory webinar.

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