October 13, 2017

CFSP Exam Success for Nine AutoQuotes Employees

In our Sept. 14 blog post, Boiling Down CFSP Exam Prep, we outlined the study process undertaken by AutoQuotes content and product management team members in preparation for the Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) exam. The results are in – and we’re happy to announce the nine team members who passed the exam:

• Shaun Carter (content account manager)
• Matthew Currie (media manager)
• Laura Dougalas (content specialist)
• Dan Frederick (content specialist)
• Adam Gazaleh (product manager)
• Lyn Haller (content specialist)
• Nancy Nelson (content account manager)
• Christine O'Donnell (content specialist)
• William Ponton (content team lead)

“It was wonderful how members of the content team showed so much interest in the CFSP and came together as a group,” said Content Manager Nancy Nelson, who led a regularly-scheduled study group. “It means a lot to all of us that AutoQuotes believed in us and supported us throughout the process. I’m so very proud of everyone who prepared for and sat for the exam.”

(l to r) Christine O'Donnell, Lyn Haller, Matthew Currie, Adam Gazaleh, William Ponton, Nancy Nelson, Shaun Carter, Laura Dougalas. Not pictured - Dan Frederick.

What was a key to their study-group success? “The fact that we split up the material to present to the group was very important,” said Christine O'Donnell. “We all have different backgrounds and strengths. As presenters of specific topics, we each brought practical experiences and other insights to the team.”

“Having (NAFEM industry veteran) Doug Fryett conduct a final, in-person seminar pulled everything together and put us over the top,” said Nancy.

Shaun Carter tried to describe the test experience. “People can tell you how comprehensive the test is, but until you’re actually sitting there taking the exam, you can’t imagine how intense it really is,” said Shaun.

How did you react when you found out you passed? “I high-fived Nancy,” said Matthew Currie. “If you’re younger and newer to the industry, having the CSFP gives you more confidence and credibility.”

“With these new additions more than a third of our content team, the group responsible for the AQ Catalog, are CFSPs,” said Donna Smith, director of content (and a CFSP). “That shows a real commitment to the industry and our customers.”

“Everyone at AutoQuotes appreciates the personal time and effort the group spent improving their industry knowledge,” said Rob Morgan, AutoQuotes’ vice-president of operations. “Special thanks goes to Nancy for organizing and managing the process. Everyone who studied and who was brave enough to stick their necks out there and try should be very proud of themselves. To those that passed, congratulations! To those that came close, we know you’ll get it next time.”

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