August 22, 2017

Browne Visits with AutoQuotes

Browne USA Vice President Jeremy Mottola, an FES industry veteran, and Browne Foodservice Marketing Manager Jensena Parish, an experienced marketer new to FES, visited our offices last week for an AQ Content Review Workshop (CRW). In a CRW, manufacturers meet with our Content staff to go over AQ Catalog features and best practices to optimize their products’ presence in the Catalog. They also meet with our Customer Support and Product Management departments to review AQ’s new capabilities and latest releases. Browne’s product lines include all the kitchen smallwares necessary for front of house (FOH) and back of house (BOH) operations.

Jensena and Jeremy from Browne Foodservice

Jeremy literally grew-up in the industry – his family owned a restaurant. One day he went on a “field trip” with the restaurant’s supplier, and the rest was history. With a business degree and an MBA, Jeremy has spent his career in FES, and knows the value of AutoQuotes in different situations. “I’ve seen AQ used with the salesforce, obviously, but also customer service and marketing,” says Jeremy. “We also use AQ for competitive analysis, price comparisons and monitoring industry trends. AQ is the ‘universal language’ of the foodservice industry.”

With a degree in fashion marketing and extensive experience in high-end giftware and décor, Jensena brings a different, but important, point-of-view to smallwares. “The FOH is increasingly about lifestyle and fashion,” says Jensena. “To help build brand alliance, we want to make sure our products have a certain look and feel that goes beyond basic specs. AQ can help us see how the competition presents and packages their products. We can compare and benchmark – both for what we feel we do better and what we feel could use improvement.”

“We use AQ for competitive analysis, price comparisons and monitoring industry trends. AQ is the ‘universal language’ of the foodservice industry.”
- Jeremy Mottola

What trends is Browne seeing in its space, as well as in FES in general? “’Farm to table’ was a trend that’s running its course,” says Jeremy. “Products as a reflection of lifestyle is trending, as Jensena said. We’re also seeing companies, which were not previously in foodservice, developing lines and entering the market. In the FES industry we’re seeing a lot of consolidation, the growth of different online distribution channels is something we’re all wrestling with.”

Thank you, Jeremy and Jensena, for coming to our offices. If you’re a manufacturer and would like more information on our Content Review Workshops, please contact your Content Manager for dates and details.

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