July 5, 2016

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – Moving, Sorting, and Renumbering

How to Move, Sort, and Renumber Items

There are times when you will find a need to move an item up or down within the project spreadsheet. Additionally, the need may arise to sort and/or renumber items. All three of these functions can be easily accomplished by using the simple steps outlined below.


To move an item up or down, first select it in the spreadsheet. Then, while holding down the ‘CTRL' key, press the ‘up' or ‘down' arrow on the keyboard. 


Sorting items within the project spreadsheet can be easily accomplished by clicking the arrow within the ‘ItemNo' column header.

Upon clicking the arrow, you will see a dialog asking you if you wish to proceed.

After clicking ‘OK', the project will be sorted.


To renumber items within the project spreadsheet, click the ‘Renumber' button located in the ribbon at the top of the spreadsheet. There are two options available for renumbering. These are ‘Renumber Selected Items' and "Renumber All Items'.

AQ supports numeric, alpha-numeric, and alpha only combinations. 


If you have questions or run into any difficulty, please contact our Tech Support team at 866.452.8324 or by email at support@aqnet.com.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Judist Crews is the Manager of Technical Support at AutoQuotes. With 32 years of IT experience and 10 with AQ, Judist is a whiz at answering customer questions, troubleshooting and resolving technical issues. You may have seen him out and about, training and talking to customers at buying groups or other industry events. He is a Highest Honors graduate from ITT Tech with an AA in Electrical Engineering Technology. Other accolades include:

 - ISCET Certified
 - A+ Certified
 - Apple Certified Desktop Technician
 - Solaris Administration Certification

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