August 16, 2016

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – MAP / MRP Now Available!

MAP / MRP Now Available!

Inside the "Mfr Settings" screen, you now have the ability to add in a percentage off of the list price for each manufacturer's MAP / MRP requirements, along with a beginning and end date. Once updated, the price is then visible within the "Details" section of the "Catalog" screen and as it's own column in a project spreadsheet.

The steps to add in MAP / MRP percentages and dates are:

  1. Click on the "Mfr Settings" button in the bottom panel of AQ.
  2. Locate the "MAP / MRP" columns within the "Mfr Settings" spreadsheet.
    • If the columns are not visible, turn them on by doing the following:
      • Click the "Choose Columns" button in the top ribbon.
      • Locate the "MAP/MRP" column headers within the "Hidden Columns" section of the "Column Chooser" dialog.
      • For each "MAP/MRP" column header, click on them so that they are highlighted pink and then press the right arrow (located between the "Hidden Columns" and "Visible Columns" sections).
      • The "MAP / MRP" column headers should now be in the "Visible Columns" section and no longer appears in the "Hidden Columns" section.
      • Press the "OK" button to exit the "Column Chooser" dialog.
  3. Insert an amount / date into each "MAP / MRP" cell if applicable.
  4. Once all of the "MAP / MRP" percentages and dates have been entered, press the "Save Changes" button in the top ribbon to save.

Mfr Settings MAP/MRP

AQ Catalog MAP / MRP

Project Spreadsheet MAP / MRP

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