April 26, 2016

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – Adding Custom Items

How to Add Custom Items to AutoQuotes?

Even with a catalog of over 500k products from over 500 manufacturers, occasionally you may need to add your own custom items to AutoQuotes to complete a project. One the great features of AQ is the ability to add your own custom items. The process is quite simple and detailed in this week's Tech Tuesday article.

There are two ways to add your own items into AutoQuotes. The first and preferred method is adding items directly into a project. The second method is directly into the catalog. Any custom items added can only be viewed by other AQ users in your company.

1st Method - Directly into a project

While in a project spreadsheet click on the "Custom Item" button on the toolbar (hotkey is CTRL+K). Fill out the item details including a picture and specsheet on the Media tab. Before clicking OK to save, select "Add to Catalog". This will add the item into your project and the catalog at the same time. Next time you or anyone in your company wants to use this item you can simply search for it the same way you would search for any other item in the AQ catalog.

NOTE: If you forget to select "add to catalog" and add the item to the project, you missed the window of opportunity and will not be able to go back and add it to the catalog. You would have to do it all over again or add the custom item directly into the catalog.

Also, the manufacturer name defaults to CUSTOM but you can select any manufacturer you want. Manufacturers or vendors not listed in AQ must be added prior to be able to select.

2nd Method - Directly into the Catalog

While in the catalog click on the "Add Prod" button on toolbar. Fill out item details as much as possible and click on OK checkmark to save item. Just like the 1st method you can select any manufacturer in AutoQuotes or add your own manufacturer.

NOTE: To add your own custom manufacturer or vendor you must have Administrative permissions or equivalent. Default Users have the ability to add custom items in both methods but do not have the ability to add manufacturers. If the manufacturer doesn't exist in AQ you first add them before creating custom items.

If you have questions or run into any difficulty, please contact our Tech Support team at 866.452.8324 or by email at support@aqnet.com.

ABOUT THE AUTHORAnthony Manzano joined AutoQuotes in 2008 as a Technical Support Specialist. With a Bi-lingual background, he helped develop the Spanish versions of AutoQuotes for both Windows and Macintosh and assists in the continued education and support for AQ users in both English and Spanish through online training webinars, phone support and Help Center articles. He received his Bachelors in Specialized Technology from Bauder College and holds several certifications as an MCSE, A+, and Novell Certified Technician. He has over 25 years of experience in troubleshooting and onsite training, making him a strong addition to the AQ Support Team.

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