July 19, 2016

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – 2 Easy Ways to Update Outdated Spreadsheet Info

2 Easy Ways to Update Outdated Spreadsheet Info

When opening a project, users may at times find that product information has become outdated. These areas can be easily identified by their red text. Additionally, for those who have difficulty viewing red text, a red triangle is placed in the upper right hand corner of the cell containing the outdated information.

Products with out of date information can be easily updated using one of the two methods below:

The first is to click the red box containing the exclamation mark located within the cell. Doing this will automatically update the information.

The second is to right click on the item, select 'Update from Catalog' within the drop down menu, and then select the information that you wish to update. This method can be very useful when multiple values for the same item have become outdated. If you wish to update all of the values at once, simply choose ‘All' from the drop down menu.

If you have questions or run into any difficulty, please contact our Tech Support team at 866.452.8324 or by email at support@aqnet.com.

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