March 21, 2018

AutoQuotes Launches New Inventory Upload Option

AutoQuotes Launches New Inventory Upload Option
Dealers can bulk-import data directly into AQ

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 21, 2018 – AutoQuotes today announced the North American release of AQ SKU, an integration solution developed to serve the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies (FES) industry.

AQ SKU works with AutoQuotes’ main quoting software to allow dealers, distributors and reps to automatically bulk-upload their own inventory into the AQ online catalog. This enables them to search, filter and quote inventory alongside other products within the AQ application.

Without AQ SKU, FES dealers who want to put their own inventory into their AQ quotes must either reference both AQ and their inventory system or manually enter information into AQ one product at a time. With AQ SKU, the bulk upload eliminates manual entry and lets dealers know what inventory products are available for quoting, without using a system outside of AQ.

“AQ SKU is a prime example of the type of technology advancement AutoQuotes is known for. It will save sales departments time and help them be more effective in quoting, all while knowing the information they are relying on is correct and up to date,” said Susannah Albright, CEO of AutoQuotes.

Companies can upload any type of stock they sell – rebranded, white-labeled or custom items. AQ SKU also allows uploading of company product information, customized pricing levels and warehouse quantities. Companies can upload data as often as they wish, and the AQ online catalog will update in minutes.

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