March 13, 2023

AutoQuotes Publishers – New AQ Submittal and VLOOKUP Lesson

Updating your published product information on AutoQuotes as accurately and efficiently as possible is our top priority. That is why we have implemented an easy-to-use template, known as the AQ Submittal, to assist in making changes to your product information and attributes.

Some of you have expressed a concern regarding your level of comfort using Excel. We have listened to your feedback and developed an easy-to-follow lesson that explains the components of the template and how to effectively use the VLOOKUP function in Excel to populate your new pricing to the appropriate fields within the template.

Please save this link to reference at your own pace at any time: AQ Submittal and VLOOKUP

As a reminder, the benefits of using the template include:

  • Access to a comprehensive view of your product information and attribute values
  • Ability to track your suggested changes such as new products, changes to existing products, and discontinued products
  • Valuable insight into required versus nice to have attributes for prioritization
  • Clear definitions of attributes and their accepted values
  • Reduced time to publication

Email CONTENT@AQ-FES.COM at any time to request the most up to date AQ Submittal of your published product information. The link to this lesson will also be included in our response with your AQ Submittal template.

In the near future, an enhancement for all manufacturers will enable you to monitor the receipt, progress, and completion of all requests submitted by you. We look forward to communicating more about that enhancement when it’s ready to launch.

Thank you for your continued support,

Emily Kight - Manager Content Services

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