June 8, 2015

AutoQuotes Newsletter May 2015

AQ and Order Status May 2015


Meet the AQ members of the FEDA Data Interchange ('FDI') team. They will be telling you about how far the FDI has come the last few months, and what to expect in the future. With their hard work, over 100 manufacturers are now participating. Learn more here.

FDI Progress Report

The FEDA Data Interchange (FDI) Initiative has come a long way this past half year. Thanks to the support of FEDA and all of the manufacturers and dealers who have participated, we have taken the Initiative from an intangible idea to a viable electronic data exchange with over 11,000 users accessing the portal and 102 manufacturers diligently working to publish their data.

We have improved the publishing process since the project began. Manufacturers publish Order Status according to the rules in the Data Dictionary, and the data is distributed to you through AutoQuotes in a matter of seconds. The initial upload requires a certain degree of human intervention, but the nightly update process is 100% automated requiring little to no upkeep.

For the dealers and representatives, there are a host of options for users to display data. You have full control over how data is disseminated to AQ users in your company. The FDI has support from 29 carriers who provide tracking systems that give users the ability to click on a tracking number  and link straight to the carrier's shipping status. Remember to keep sending us your suggestions and keep on the lookout for new updates.

-Adam Gazaleh


It's easy to love what you do, when what you do is easy.

No one loves the procurement process; it's time consuming and inefficient. Change can be good, and the new Order Status feature is a good change.

The once tedious process of making phone calls and emailing manufacturers for purchase order information has been simplified into one easy-to-use feature.

As an FDI coordinator, the most common feedback I receive is about the dealer's willingness to help get more manufacturers on board in hopes of seeing more of their orders. And with feedback like this:

• "Wow! Brave New World. I can't tell you how useful this will be for our group. The access to acknowledgements, tracking and invoices in one click is awesome. Can't wait to see what's next!" - The Wasserstrom Company

• "This is too cool! If there is anything we can do to get more of our manufacturers on board, let us know!" -PMR

• "This is great, hope all manufacturers sign up. It saves me a lot of time from calling manufacturers and being on hold." - Restaurant Source

It's unmistakable why everyone is clamoring to get involved.

-Yasmin Serrano


We get it-

At first glance getting started with Order Status seems like a daunting task.  In the high margin, fast-paced environment of the food service equipment industry we also realize IT issues may not be your priority, which is why we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

As a coordinator, I often get feedback from manufacturers worried that they won't be able to participate - that they might not have the resources, infrastructure, etc to successfully participate.

In the short existence of the FDI campaign, we have worked with large and small, new and old manufacturers and have seen it all. Whatever problem you have, we most likely have a solution.

If you want to participate, but have concerns don't hesitate to give a coordinator a call and together we can develop a solution.  Many manufacturers and dealers are reaping the benefits and even more want to let us be the catalyst that bridges that gap.

-Kevin Kipta


What's Next?

We all recognize the term "honeymoon." It can reasonably be said that the FDI is now entering its honeymoon phase, after officially breaking ground at the FEDA Convention last month. Many challenges face the Order Status Initiative, much like those newlyweds encounter.

As new manufacturer companies increasingly join this movement, they make us recognize places where adjustments should be made. In this way, our industry partners help us improve our Order Status design. But despite these challenges, we can see nothing but positive growth ahead.

With the commitment of each new company to participate, the FDI grows more efficient and more valuable for the foodservice industry. We look forward to functioning more smoothly, and serving the   many more equipment companies, by the FEDA 2016 Convention—which will, in a sense, mark the "paper anniversary" of the FDI.

-Mike Dawedeit


Let’s Talk

To learn more about publishing with AutoQuotes, subscribing to AutoQuotes, questions about our products and solutions, or to schedule a demo contact the AutoQuotes sales team at sales.uk@aq-fes.com

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