February 6, 2015

AutoQuotes Newsletter January 2013 Part 2

January 360 The January 360 Release offers new features and new choices.

1. Send Projects with the SEND button.

If the Customer is an AQ360 User, the SEND button sends your Project directly to the Customer's AQ360 Project List. (An automated email is sent that also includes a link to a hard copy Quote PDF.) The SEND button is a more automated and a much more efficient delivery of Projects to AQ360 users than emailing PXF exports. Highly recommended: find a sample Project, choose yourself as a Customer, and press Send.  You will receive a copy at the top of your Project List in bold text.

The Customer receives a copy of the Project in his AQ360 at the top of his Project List.

If the Customer is an AQNet or version 5 User, your local email opens as if you pressed button in the Reports menu.  If the customer is NOT an AutoQuotes User, your local email opens as if you pressed the button.

2. Logs The Paper Icon next to the Project Name opens a log of every Quote and every other Project Report that has been printed or Sent using the SEND button. Paper Icon Button for Report Log

Click on the Report Type to open a hard copy PDF of the report. Report Log

3. Project Details Panel is customizable.

You can hide individual sections by pressing the button.  You can unhide all sections by pressing the button at the top right corner.

4. Join the Kitchen Police! 

Press the  button to send us a Police Report if you find an error or an omission in the AutoQuotes Catalog. Approved Police reports are rewarded with spiff payments and T shirts!  Or stop by AutoQuotes booth 2375 at NAFEM for a free T-shirt and to meet the rest of the Force. We are the Kitchen Police, to Serve and Connect. Hope to see you all in Orlando,

Let’s Talk

To learn more about publishing with AutoQuotes, subscribing to AutoQuotes, questions about our products and solutions, or to schedule a demo contact the AutoQuotes sales team at sales.uk@aq-fes.com

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