April 12, 2017

AutoQuotes launches AQ Designer Family

AutoQuotes Announces New AQ Designer Products and Features

3-D Modeling, Dynamic Schedules and More

​AutoQuotes, a leading creator of software services for the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies industry, today introduced AQ Designer Deluxe, a CAD-based commercial kitchen design software that lets you create stunning 3-D visuals, toggle between 2-D and 3-D work spaces and integrate directly with AQ projects.

“We are so proud to introduce the new AQ Designer Family because it’s a great representation of AutoQuotes’ continued commitment to innovation, the FES industry and to our customers,” said AutoQuotes CEO Susannah Albright. “We are thrilled to be able to extend our solutions from our traditional quoting software into yet another part of the FES sales process, that of kitchen design.”

AQ Designer Deluxe also includes all of the features and functionality of AQ Designer, AutoQuotes’ original CAD-based application developed using the AutoCAD OEM platform powered by Autodesk.

AQ Designer offers:
  • access to more than 155,000 2-D and 3-D CAD blocks from the AutoQuotes library
  • integration with more than 900,000 products and accessories in the AQ Catalog
  • exclusive ability to generate dynamic schedules with custom layouts
  • option to use CAD blocks from the AQ library or import your own
  • free on-demand and live streaming educational resources and technical support
In the addition to all of the above, AQ Designer Deluxe lets users:
  • present customers with a virtual tour of the commercial kitchen floor plan before it is built
  • create macros to repeat an action for use in multiple drawings
  • analyze components individually to have more control over projects
The AQ Designer family also includes the AQ Designer Plug-In, an application that links AutoCAD to the AQ Catalog.

AutoQuotes, Inc. is a technology company that provides software solutions for the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Industry. It serves customers in North America and the Latin Americas. AutoQuotes’ home office is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Information is available on the company’s website – www.aqnet.com.

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To learn more about publishing with AutoQuotes, subscribing to AutoQuotes, questions about our products and solutions, or to schedule a demo contact the AutoQuotes sales team at sales.uk@aq-fes.com

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