February 6, 2015

AutoQuotes August Newsletter Part 2

New Features in August AutoQuotes 360 Release Michael Greenwald, President, AutoQuotes

We're excited to announce that we've added a couple of useful new features to AutoQuotes 360 this summer.  Classic drag & drop functionality has been added to parts of the program.  You can see the drag & drop functionality incorporated within another great new feature, the Project Attachment feature.

You now have the ability to attach related document files to a Project.  This function can be found in the Project details panel below the Project Totals.  Attached documents are stored securely on our servers and are available only to Users who have access to the Project and are for internal use only.  These documents will not be included when emailing a Project or any Project report.  You can attach multiple documents to a Project.  The file size limit for each attachment is 10Mb.  To attach a file to a Project, simply drag and drop the file into the Project Attachment area of the details panel.  File types supported are xls, xlsx, pdf, jpg , gif, bmp, png, dwg, doc, email (msg), txt, zip, rtf, csv, ppt, pptx, & rvt.

We've also incorporated the drag & drop functionality into the process for importing PXF (Project export) files.  Simply drag & drop any PXF file over the Project Listand it will be imported.

We hope you find this new functionality helps you to be more efficient.  After all, that's what AutoQuotes is all about.

Keep an eye on the AutoQuotes webinar page as you gear up for the fall.  There are live, free webinars scheduled all the time.  We also record and post all of our webinars so you can watch them at your leisure…..good times ;~}

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer.  All the best,

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