June 5, 2020

As a dealer or rep firm, how does using AQ CPQ compare to using other CPQ tools in the market? 

As a dealer or rep firm, how does using AQ CPQ compare to using other CPQ tools in the market?

Configure, Price, Quote tools are increasingly critical for competitive dealers across all industry verticals today. As product complexity increases along with end user demand for timely, accurate, and visual quotes, dealers and reps need great technology to help them run their businesses. The natural question then is: “What is the best CPQ?”

AQ CPQ is just one of many high-quality CPQ tools in the market. This includes Configure One, Oracle (aka BigMachines), Salesforce.com (aka SteelBrick), and Verenia, among others. Each differs in its focus, its capabilities, and time to implement.


The big difference is this: Only AQ CPQ is optimized for the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies (FES) vertical and only AQ CPQ comes connected to the industry’s largest database of FES products and services – nearly 1,000,000 accurate and up-to-date SKUs. To get the other CPQ tools to work, you need to build your own database of products and a set of integrations, both of which are time-consuming, costly, and never-ending tasks. AQ CPQ was built for the unique requirements of FES. For example, after you configure the equipment on your quote, you can generate a schedule of the corresponding electrical and plumbing requirement – you won’t find features like this from anyone else. With single, named-user license price of just $99/mo., and virtually no set-up costs, we are also the most affordable choice by far. Compare that to anything else in the market and you find it’s an unbeatable value.


It’s the one that fits your situation the best considering your industry, other add-ons that will help drive revenue in your business, and how complex of an integration and implementation phase you are willing to endure. However, if you are a dealer or a rep in the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies industry, the choice is clear: AQ CPQ. It was built for dealers in this industry by dealers in this industry, and is the industry’s most trusted brand.

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David Demres - VP Marketing & Strategic Development

David is passionate about building extraordinary organizations focused on people and empowerment. At AQ, he pursues game-changing partnerships and communicates AQ’s vision to our industry and the world. Prior to AQ, David was responsible for new markets expansion and partnerships for Light Wave Dental, a market-leading Dental Service Organization. He has previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group and Yale University, in addition to a career as a triathlete. David earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, an MPA from Harvard, and a B.A. from Yale, where he ran Track and Cross Country. Personally, David is lover of all things health and fitness related, as well as a casual dining enthusiast.

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