March 28, 2018

AQ’s Newest Exec: 7 Questions with Whitney Jones

Meet AutoQuotes new vice president of operations, Whitney Jones. Since joining the team in January, Whitney has quickly embraced the company’s mission and service to the FES industry. As VP of operations, she leads our customer support, online catalog content and human resource departments, as well as overseeing CaterQuotes, our U.K. subsidiary. She recently took some time out of her busy day to talk with us about her goals for success.

1) Your career includes extensive client services experience with SaaS companies – can you describe your process and how you’ll apply it to AutoQuotes?

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to be involved in the whole customer service process. It begins with listening to the customer to understand their needs. You then look at the big picture challenges and opportunities and develop a strategy to meet those needs, getting buy-in from everyone along the way. It ends with an action plan you can implement and measure.

AutoQuotes is serving a changing industry. We’ve been responsive to that and must continue to do so. Software has always been a tool of change – it’s transformed whole industries. We must continue to understand the needs of our customers, show them how AQ can help them and where our software can take their business. We need to be the resource that helps them go through the changes.

2) For a software company, what’s the key to creating an excellent customer experience?

It boils down to “show me the value.” It’s incumbent on us to show our customers the increasing value of our products throughout their lifecycle – we need to verbalize it, show it and train them on it. I’ve seen other companies that make things overly complicated. We should keep things simple and show our customers the best way to use our products based on our expertise.

3) With human resources reporting to you, what do you look for in someone who wants to join AutoQuotes?

Obviously, there’s a position’s required skill set. In addition, though, it’s important to have business experience and a global awareness. But all that is irrelevant if there’s no fit with the company’s culture. As I said earlier, AutoQuotes is serving a changing industry. Part of our culture is the ability to focus on change – to be comfortable with change – and help our customers through it.

4) You’ve said that “transparency” is one of your favorite terms. Can you explain why, and what it means to you in your position?

I’ve always been transparent in my work – even if I didn’t know it. Earlier in my career a mentor told me I was becoming known and respected for being “transparent” – meaning truthful and open in communications, expectations and accountability. At a company level, transparency means happier and more engaged employees. For customers, being transparent is part of the value that creates the excellent experience.

5) What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now?

Enhancing our operations and processes – the internal part of what ultimately affects our customers. Our customer service satisfaction rate is consistently near or at 99 percent, but there are always ways to improve. As we push ourselves in communications, expectations and accountability, it will ultimately have the effect of creating even better service for our customers.

6) Any closing thoughts on AutoQuotes?

We’re a strong company, and we’ll continue to make a positive difference in a changing environment. I’m glad I’m here and able to help.

7) When you’re not at work, you are…

Spending time with my husband and daughter – as well as our four-legged family members, our dog and cat. I also like to exercise and be active. We love to create vacations and travel around local cuisine and other food experiences.

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