August 23, 2016

AQ Tech Tuesday – Using “SubHeader” & “SubTotal”

Using "SubHeader" & "SubTotal"

Using subheadings and subtotals are a great way to break out a project into sections. They honor your insertion point settings (found in the ribbon at the top of the project spreadsheet. i.e. "Insert Above Current Line", "Insert Below Current Line" and "Insert As Last Item". ) and are easy to use.

AQ - Insertion Point

Adding a subheading or subtotal is as simple as right clicking in a project spreadsheet and selecting either the "SubHeader" or "SubTotal" option from the pop-up menu.

SubHeader / SubTotal Right Click

Once a "SubHeader" is inserted into your spreadsheet you can select and change the text by double clicking on its cell.

Edit SubHeader Text

A "SubTotal" can be inserted under each "SubHeader" section to show its subtotal on your printed quote.

Inserting SubTotals

Subheadings and subtotals appear as distinct sections within your report.

 Quote with Subsections

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