February 19, 2019

AQ Quick Start Guide

The AQ Quick Start Guide is designed to help you learn the basics of AQ. We recommend following along in the application while reading this guide. 

AQ is a software solution that is developed and maintained by AutoQuotes and is used primarily by members of the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies (FES) industry. Though it has many applications, dealers, manufacturers, manufacturer reps and consultants mainly use AQ for catalog searching, quote creation and product publishing.

The Interface – Navigating AQ

The AQ application is made up of six sections to help with navigation:

The Navigation Bar

The first section, across the bottom of AQ, is the Navigation Bar. Use this to switch between windows in the program. For example, when you select the Projects tab, you will see a list of projects that you have created.

The Main Panel

In the center of the AQ application is the Main Panel, this is where you will see a list of the items for the tab you have selected. As an example, once you have created a few projects, you will see a list of projects in the main panel of the Projects tab.

Quick Access Toolbar

At the top left of the AQ application, is the Quick Access Toolbar. Looking at the buttons from left to right, here you can access the AQ help center, show or hide net prices, collapse or expand the Details Panel, create an excel export of the project list and log out of the application.

The Search Bar, Filters Panel and Details Panel

Above the Main Panel is the search bar. Use this to search the items in the Main Panel. Filters appear in the left panel and finally, on the right side of the screen is the Details panel. In the Details panel, you will find more in-depth information about objects you have selected in the Main Panel. In the Catalog tab, the Details Panel will display product information such as specifications and dimensions.

Diagram of the AQ application

Creating a Project – Preparing to Quote

To create your first project, navigate to the Projects tab and click the "New" button next to the search bar. After naming your project and adding your customer and other contacts, a new project will open as a spreadsheet. Now you are ready to search the Catalog for items to build your quote.

Adding Items to a Project – Building the Quote

There are two ways to search in the AQ Catalog. In the Projects tab, you can use the Catalog search bar at the top of the screen to find an item by Model, Manufacturer, Brand or Category. You can also navigate to the Catalog tab and perform the same search there. In both locations, the system will begin finding products that match your query as you type. If you would prefer to visually drill-down to a product in the AQ Catalog, learn how to use the Card View here: 6 Easy Steps to Using the Card View.

Once you locate an item to include in your quote, hover over it and press the Project button. If the item selected has additional accessories or configurations available, a window will open allowing you to include any that are needed. Once you have configured your product, click OK to open the Quantity Prompt window where you can change the Item #, quantity, discount and markup. Make your selections and press OK. Your item is now in your project.

Turning a Project into a Quote

Now that you have a project let's turn it into a quote. From the Project Spreadsheet press the Print button, located in the Top Ribbon under the Quick Access Toolbar, pressing this button opens up the Report window and the Spec Sheets dialog. If you would like to include any Spec Sheets or Catalog Pages with your quote use the check boxes to select them now, otherwise press OK. By default, a quote will appear in the Reports window. To learn how to print different types of reports, using the Report Options panel, such as flyers, click here.

Customizing Your Quote

The right section of the Reports ribbon has three buttons – fonts, addresses and logos. These buttons let you personalize your quote with different fonts and colors for each section, update addresses and load a company logo. The Print Options Panel allows you to control what prints on the quote along with other layout options.

Saving and Sending a Quote

There are a few different options available to send a quote to your client(s). In the top of the Reports window, located to the far left of the ribbon, there are five options available to save and send a quote. The first option starting from the left is a simple save to PDF. Pressing it will save a PDF document on your system. Open in PDF, will open a copy of your quote in a PDF program located on your computer. Open in Word, creates an RTF file of your quote and uses Microsoft Word to display the quote. Print will print your selected report using a selected printer. Pressing Email allows you to send an email with a link to download a PDF copy of the quote directly from within AQ. If the person receiving the quote uses AQ, you can choose the PDF with Project option to send them both a link to download the PDF and a link to download an importable copy of the project to open in AQ*.

*Be cautious when including the entire project with your PDF as the recipient will be able to open the project in AQ and see all sensitive information including discounts and markups. If you are sending your quote to a customer, only send the PDF.

Accessing Support

Hopefully, you found the AQ Quick Start Guide above helpful. If you still have questions, you can reach out to AQ Customer Support using one of the following methods.

Phone: 866.452.8324

Email: support@aqnet.com

For more guides and resources, make sure to visit aqnet.com/resources.

Let’s Talk

To learn more about publishing with AutoQuotes, subscribing to AutoQuotes, questions about our products and solutions, or to schedule a demo contact the AutoQuotes sales team at sales.uk@aq-fes.com

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