September 17, 2015

AQ Kitchen Police Announcement

Hello AQ Kitchen Police,

I would like to introduce myself; I'm Stephanie Tileston, your Kitchen Police Chief. Some of you may have already seen my name come through your email inbox, informing you that you have been rewarded with a $10 spiff. For those of you unfamiliar with the Kitchen Police, I would like to introduce the KP program and explain how you can participate and earn spiffs (a.k.a "money").

AutoQuotes takes pride in our catalog content and we understand how important accuracy is to everyone who uses it. While we would love to say our content is 100% accurate all the time, we all know no database is perfect. That is why we established the Kitchen Police Program, where users can report errors in our catalog and earn money.

If you find an error while in the AQ catalog, simply click on the Kitchen Police button located at the top of the screen and report your error.

Once we have verified the claim we will send your reward check for $10.00! Not only are you earning yourself a little extra money, you are also helping a community of users.

Starting October 1st, we are introducing the Expanded Kitchen Police Program. In addition to the $10 spiff you are used to, we are giving you a chance to earn a little something extra. Stay tuned for an announcement later this month with details on how you can win!

We currently have over 900 users who are participating in our Kitchen Police program. This year, we have had over 3,000+ KP reports and have paid more than $15,500 in claims. It literally pays to be helpful!

Thank you for being part of the AutoQuotes community and for being a Kitchen Police "detective". Your contributions to AutoQuotes are truly priceless!

-Stephanie Tileston


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