December 1, 2020

AQ Insight Pro Levels Up with Newly Added Features!

Manufacturers can leverage several new enhancements with their subscriptions to AQ Insight Pro!

This year, we launched AQ Insight Pro, an enhanced version of AQ Insight that includes tools to help manufacturers view and analyze their data and drill-down into more granular data. AQ Insight Pro allows you to visualize the quoting activity for your AQ-listed products and make it easier to identify trends to optimize your business strategies moving forward.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded AQ Insight Pro with new features to further improve the visibility into your company’s footprint on the AQ platform. The Insight Pro dashboard now displays a ranking widget, new shared data capabilities, easy access to multiple brand views, and an overview of your complete AQ footprint. The addition of these new tools will create a broader view of your quoting metrics across the board.

Tracking your status

By subscribing to the Insight Pro version, you can use the ranking widget to quickly see where you stand among other AQ users that list in the same product categories. This market share view allows you to keep track of how your brands perform against competitors within every category in which you list on AQ.

Request your reps’ quoting data to simplify the reporting process

Manufacturers traditionally depend on manual reporting updates to keep track of their reps' quoting activity. This process is often time-consuming as it requires an exerted effort from both parties. We recently launched AQ Insight for Reps, giving reps a better view and understanding of their AQ quoting activity. AQ Insight Pro allows manufacturers to send requests to their reps that, once approved, will enable them to view their reps’ dashboard activity in real-time. This feature eliminates dependency on the back and forth communications and streamlines the reporting process.

Access multiple brands

If you list multiple brands on AQ, the Pro version of Insight organizes your listed brands to give you a complete picture of your traction in our software, all with a single-sign-on. The dashboard displays metrics through both an overview and individual product categories that give you a holistic view of all your brands and make it easier to dive deep into analytics for each brand.

Understand your AQ footprint

By leveraging these new features and other AQ Insight Pro tools, you gain an additional level of visibility into one of your most important sales and marketing tools – AQ. With a better understanding of your company’s positioning on AQ, you can draw informed insights about the quality of your listed content and individual product performance so you can spend your sales and marketing energy where it’s needed most.

To learn more about AQ Insight Pro, you can visit the product page here. If you want to learn more about how Insight Pro can help you improve your business, email us at  to schedule a demo.

Alex Cruz - Communications Specialist

Alex is a Communications Specialist at Revalize, AQ's parent company. Her focus is on delivering innovative content to our clients through our digital platforms. She brings with her years of experience in various B2B industries that enable her to provide a fresh perspective to our customers.

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