December 13, 2018

Your Voice: Addressing Top Questions from the Latest Subscriber Survey

It’s hard to overstate how essential our customers are to keep AutoQuotes moving forward. Since 2016 AutoQuotes has distributed a customer survey to half of our subscribers each year. This survey is an opportunity to hear from our customers about how we’re doing, what we can improve on and what you and your team needs from AutoQuotes to make your job easier. The results and feedback we receive guides our team on how to better serve you and informs our product development department on the right features and solutions to support your business. Thank you to each of our responders for the time you took to provide us with your integral and thoughtful feedback. The following are some of the questions we received through the survey.

"I don’t understand all the functionality in AQ – I need more training."

Keeping up with software changes can be daunting, but working as efficiently as possible means you need to check in on what’s new from time to time. AutoQuotes sends out software updates when necessary that includes information on new functionality, but if you need a deeper dive, there’s a variety of options available to you on On the Training and Support page, you will find links to a variety of support resources including the AQ Knowledge Base, tech tips and video resources. To better accommodate our customers, we are in the process of restructuring both the Resources section of the AQ website and the AQ Knowledge Base to make it easier to find the information you need.

  • Webinars
    • AutoQuotes hosts live webinars every month for basic, advanced and admin functionality. These webinars are also available to watch anytime on demand by visiting the AutoQuotes YouTube page.
  • Onsite Training
    • We are always happy to welcome our customers to the AQ office in Jacksonville! To learn more, reach out to
  • For Manufacturers
    • Earlier this year, AutoQuotes published the Manufacturer Resource Guide for our manufacturers and vendors. The guide details best practices for publishing products in AQ including submitting content and media, how to make better use of your licenses, and other ways to optimize published content. AutoQuotes also offers 3E Forums, a program designed specifically for manufacturers, that is hosted onsite at the AQ office. Forums can be scheduled between April and October. For more information reach out to your Content Account Manager.
"Sometimes I need to quote a product, but it doesn’t have a CAD or Revit file to add to my drawing."

Currently, the AQ Catalog hosts more than 169,000 CAD blocks and more than 50,000 Revit families. The AQ content and media teams are continually working with AQ publishers to add more content on an ongoing basis. If you are only looking for products that have a CAD block or Revit family, you can filter your search results by using the filter located in the Search section of the top ribbon. If you come across a product that does not have CAD or Revit object available, we have added a Request button in the CAD and Revit sections of the Details panel. When you click on these buttons, we reach out to that product's publisher to request those files for upload into AQ.

We want to keep hearing from you!

If you have additional technical questions about AQ, our customer support team is available by phone at 866.452.8324 or email at You can share your feedback about the AQ software or your customer experience with


Juleen Ayres - Sr. Marketing Manager

Juleen Ayres is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Revalize, AQ's parent company. She joined the team in 2016 with more than 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. Juleen is responsible for keeping our customers educated and informed about AQ's solutions, services, and events.

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