September 16, 2016

A Special Message from the New Chief of Kitchen Police

Kitchen Police - Small Logo

Here at Kitchen Police Headquarters we take errors seriously.  Why may you ask?  Because our mission is to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date data for your quoting needs.  We need you, our detectives, to find these potential errors and report them immediately.  You know these products inside and out; your wealth of knowledge is immensely valuable to us!

Catching an error and earning a reward is as easy as, Find, Submit, Earn!  When searching in the catalog, you find information you believe to be inaccurate. You submit a claim and we investigate it thoroughly. We make sure we have confirmation from the manufacturer before we apply any changes. If your submission is accurate, we validate it and issue your $10 reward.  

I have some exciting things in store for the Kitchen Police program!  Now inside of AQ, you are able to view our renovated Kitchen Police window.  In October, we will be launching an exciting new campaign that gives you the opportunity to Find, Submit and Win some awesome Kitchen Police swag! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

Before I close today's briefing, I want to thank each and every one of you, our Kitchen Police detectives. Without you, the Kitchen Police program would not exist.  I have some big shoes to fill now that our former Chief of Kitchen Police has moved on to a new opportunity. I'm excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working with both our seasoned detectives and KP rookies.  Keep up the good work.

Chief Misty

Misty Royce,

Your Chief of Kitchen Police - signing out. 

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