July 15, 2020

3 Ways for Manufacturers to Maximize Online Product Exposure

With trade shows and other traditional marketing channels put on hold, manufacturers have been quick to ask us the best way to maximize online product exposure for their business. While many AQ users already take advantage of these, we wanted to share high-impact ways to maximize your exposure.

What are the easiest and most effective ways for manufacturers to list products online?

Are you leaving sales on the table? If you’re a manufacturer without an online presence, you probably are. The good news is there are many ways to list online and maximize your presence, especially within the FES industry. Here are the top three ways to maximize online product exposure:

  1. List your products on AQ. Especially for those of us in the FES industry, this has long been a secret weapon to unlock sales. Simply put, AQ Listing is the fastest way to get your equipment included in projects and get exposure to 22,000+ dealer users on our platform.
  2. Send marketing copy to AQ. If you are already listed on AQ, send us your marketing copy and your products will be included in our Products API. Dealers use the API to power their eCommerce sites—meaning you only need to update your content in one place to keep it consistent and current across scores of websites.
  3. Build a website that includes photos and individual product information. This will allow you full control of the environment and context in which customers view your products. AQ’s Products API can quickly power your site with content and media to make the process quick and painless.

Of course, listing your content is half the battle. Ensuring it gets specified on quotes and selected by a foodservice operator is the true measure of success. To do that, you will need to develop great marketing copy. Clear, powerful marketing descriptions that tell a story and educate users on what differentiates your products is critical for online sales.

On our next blog post, we will sit down with experts at CFI Marketing, a full-service marketing agency catering exclusively to the foodservice E&S industry, to get their expert input on how manufacturers can create effective marketing copy.

For more on the importance of sales copy, submitting it to AQ, and for help developing it check out our previous blog post here. Interested in a personal consultation on your product listing? Contact our Customer Success team at customersucceess@aq-fes.com.

AQ and CFI are collaborating on a series of blogs to combine our unique industry knowledge and experience.

David Demres, Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development - AQ

Sarah Scaggs, Vice President - CFI Marketing

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David Demres - VP Marketing & Strategic Development

David is passionate about building extraordinary organizations focused on people and empowerment. At AQ, he pursues game-changing partnerships and communicates AQ’s vision to our industry and the world. Prior to AQ, David was responsible for new markets expansion and partnerships for Light Wave Dental, a market-leading Dental Service Organization. He has previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group and Yale University, in addition to a career as a triathlete. David earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, an MPA from Harvard, and a B.A. from Yale, where he ran Track and Cross Country. Personally, David is lover of all things health and fitness related, as well as a casual dining enthusiast.

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