About Atero:

Atero is a B2B eCommerce solutions company whose mission is to help professional procurement specialists find and purchase industrial-strength finished products, parts, components, and complementary services from trusted suppliers/providers in an automated marketplace reminiscent of a B2C-style shopping experience.  Our eMarketplace Software Platform (eMSP) is ideal for automating complex and old-school, technology-limited buyer/seller networks involving intermediaries, such as dealers, resellers, distributors, manufacturer reps, and repair centers. Atero’s long-term vision is to extend our platform into a global, interconnected ecosystem of eCommerce software tools while giving back to the community.


Atero’s  eMSP is pure B2B and targeted at professional procurement specialists in a trusted network; it is designed by insiders to elegantly handle each of the three buyer, seller, and intermediary tiers to minimize the overall solution cost and time to deploy; and it includes common complementary services for a one-stop shop.

Atero’s cloud/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform, along with its complementary services and data, facilitates the buying and selling of commercial, industrial-strength products and accessories in a trusted global B2B eMarketplace. To attract the largest volume of targeted buyers, the intermediaries and sellers control their own product inventories and pricing.  Atero’s software consists of seven core modules:

  • Catalog – a searchable listing of products and accessories
  • Inventory – real-time in-stock availability of the manufacturers and intermediaries
  • Digitization – paper catalogs, spec sheets, and manuals converted to online format
  • Purchasing – shopping cart, re-order forms, tax calculations, payment options
  • Fulfillment – freight calculators and tracking POs through delivery and acceptance
  • Market Analytics – aggregating vertical market buying statistics for monetization
  • Community Outreach – facilitating donation opportunities with no-longer-in-use products and accessories from enterprises in the network to not-for-profit organizations delivering supplies to those in need (e.g., during disaster relief).

Our complementary consulting services include life-cycle management oversight (from product search through fulfilment); digitization of offline industrial product information; customization of corporate websites/storefronts (dashboards, reporting); integration with 3rd-party software packages; and business partner referral fees (e.g., with logistics companies for industrial product delivery).

Industries: Healthcare, Commercial Real Estate, Media/ Entertainment, Travel/Tourism, Hospitality, Automotive, Farming, Marine; Facilities: Hospitals/Clinics, Office Buildings, Places of Worship, Hotels, Stadiums/Arenas, Resorts, Restaurants/Bars; Equipment: Medical/Pandemic Supplies, HVAC/refrigeration, Janitorial, Laundry, Electrical, Plumbing, Cooking, Food Prep/Storage, Furniture/Décor

Onboarding an enterprise to the Atero platform once a lead closes typically takes only a few days, independent of the extra consulting services that may be desired.  With the services included, which varies by enterprise and must be negotiated as such, and assuming no complex data migration or integration issues, we typically finish the onboarding in 3-4 weeks for a straightforward implementation.

SaaS subscription for access to eMSP plus negotiated fees for services.

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